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Bicycle Meets the Space Age

Why is it intelligent you ask?  Let me explain! FLASH is not just any bike would normally ride. This bike goes beyond every bike I have ever run across in my life because this bike, is hi-tech.  Imagine riding along and having the capability of GPS tracking. This bike can move from 25mph plus with a range of 30-50 Miles. A powerful rear hub motor with grip accelerator and pedal-assist for five levels of control. Built-in front and rear integrated LED running lights, brake lights, and horn for your personal safety when riding. Remote Check-In on battery, location, and security status all included. Yes, it has a built-in alarm in case of theft and free software updates. Bluetooth and Cellular connectivity at NO extra charge. There are some add-ons to enhance your riding experience. The FLASH Bike comes in a variety of color choices and options.  Seriously, this is the next generation of electric bike that is sure to make many avid bike riders wanting one and ordering one.

Start Your Own Online Store With Shopify

I highly recommend Shopify above the many other eCommerce sites mainly because it is heralded as being the top site for starting your own online business.  You don't have to have a load of money you can start up for little out of pocket and you get 14 days to test drive the site.  During the 14 day period, you can build your store and add products to it, then post them to eBay and start making money. Shopify offers plenty of free resources for you to take advantage of including hundreds of apps that make running your store easy and profitable.  There are paid courses you can take to learn the tricks of the trade and great support if you need help. Hire an expert if you need help with something major or use the community to obtain help and advice from other shop owners. There are many great theme templates to use many of which are free.  If you want to go all out you might invest in a paid theme that will enhance the look and functionality of your store.  You can literally aut

Come to the Great Outdoors

When looking for items to enhance your outdoor fun I highly recommend Adventures In Outdoor Fun ( because they carry the latest and greatest outdoor gear around and great prices. New tents, fishing equipment, or items for geocaching AIOF carries these items and more.  I know the big-name stores carry many of the same items AIOF does but AIOF offers free shipping on every item they sell and many of the products now are shipped from the U.S.  Products are priced just above wholesale prices to keep prices low and competitive.  AIOF stands behind every product they sell along with the suppliers they drop ship from. I know, I am tooting my own horn here but we had to start somewhere. Thanks so much Adventures In Outdoor Fun