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Introducing OnPassive, a new digital marketing platform for the twenty-first century.  The platform will contain many products and services to help businesses succeed and will run on auto-pilot setting the user free to do other things and removing the worry of finding leads and customers. This "do it for you' platform runs on Artificial Intelligence which is something never before seen in any company of this nature.

The site will offer many services at a reasonable cost and offer a money-making opportunity through its sister site GoFounders which offers a business opportunity allowing anyone to become a 'founder' and make money with the site. The cost is at $97 (90% off)the regular price which is ($997). The opportunity allows individuals to purchase a 'founders\ position which will allow them to earn residual income after the site launches.

The companies concept is to place affiliates under all of the founders which will create the residual income to be paid to the founders. The company will do all the marketing and recruiting for every founder and so they don't even have to lift a finger if they don't want to. This takes "set it and forget it" to a whole new level.  Positions are limited timewise as soon the site will launch so if you're interested in a founder position I would do it now before the door closes.


Products and Services will include digital marketing, VPN, team management, video marketing, email marketing, and much more...  

This website is sure to explode with businesses and individuals joining and using the products and services over time they will add more services.  OnPassive will solve the issues that businesses have on a daily basis and make them operate smoothly and efficiently. 

Watch this video to learn more about OnPassive...

At OnPassive and GoFounders we are "In It to Win It!"

The Question Is... Are You?



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